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W omen of Excellence, NWAS, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1998 in Youngstown, Ohio as a resource for women to ease the pain of domestic violence. Carolyn Bell Murphy, the founder, shared her decades long domestic abuse survival story and vision for empowering women with other empathetic women, Marty Bushy, Esq., Leonora Solomon, Barbara Pennington, Jessie Peterson, Janice Baldwin, Marie Danes, Lynnette Sutton, and Mildred McElroy, in an effort to spur resistance to the plague of abuse. These women heeded the call and began making plans for the first outreach project to women, which was a weekend retreat at a Holiday Inn in Youngstown, Ohio. The response was overwhelming. Guests came from near and far to attend the beginning of a group designed to meet a need that so many women are confronted with - Domestic Violence. Some men, in particular, lamented the fact that the organization efforts had not begun its efforts to curb domestic violence sooner as they had watched their fathers abuse their mothers. Mothers who were helpless to combat the problem.

The organization is comprised of women from all walks of life. These women care about preventing abuse from happening to others. The women represent all ages and the youngest members are middle school girls. These women also want to enhance the total woman in various cultures, denominations, and educational backgrounds. The organization’s youngest members are middle school girls, who are taught to recognize the signs of abuse.

Our goal is to enhance the total woman spiritually, educationally, economically, and socially. This enhancement is done through educational workshops, retreats, mentoring, referrals, individual counseling, and scholarships to selected colleges.


Wome of Excellence MeetingWe are not just another social or abuse organization. We cater to women who will never show up at a shelter, a regular support group or even bother to call the domestic hot line. We cater to the “secret” group of women such as the "I suffer in silence group" ,the Christian women including pastors’ wives, middle class, poor, professional women, friends and neighbors who sit beside you Sunday after Sunday in church and never mention they are being abused. We cater to women who show up each year at our conferences and say, "I am not ready to come forward." they are too ashamed to report abuse. WE DO NOT WEAR SIGNS. We cater to women just like you.

We want women to know the danger signs of abuse and the profile of an abuser. We want to encourage independence in women and to rebuild self-esteem. It is not the organization's desire to separate couples, but to empower women to make the best choices for themselves. Even in the midst of sadness, loneliness, pain or confusion they may contact one of our Woman of Excellence advisors: Carolyn Murphy 301.599.6032, Theresa Bell 202.583.2160, Shelia Lee 240.353.5919, or Valdenia Simmons 301.787.1222.



The complete woman...more than a conqueror...
Romans 8: 37

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Carolyn Bell Murphy
Carolyn Bell Murphy,
Author, Founder
Women Of Excellence
Carolyn Bell Murphy Founder & CEO
Her Book Is A Must Read.

Woman Of Excellence Not Without A Struggle
Have you looked at families and thought they were perfect? Carolyn Bell Murphy grew up in a loving, sheltered home. Being a Christian was just what the word meant. At age seventeen she goes away to college and is introduced to a world that she didn't know existed and what an awakening
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