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 Woman Of Excellence Book

 Woman Of Excellence
Not Without A Struggle

Women Of Excellence
Carolyn Bell Murphy Founder & CEO
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The book is about a woman who over came a long list of struggles. With God first, each struggle ended with something bigger and better.

It is a must read.

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Have you looked at families and thought they were perfect? Carolyn Bell Murphy grew up in a loving, sheltered home. Being a Christian was just what the word meant. At age seventeen she goes away to college and is introduced to a world that she didn’t know existed and what an awakening.

Emerging from living a secret life was no picnic. It  included  apprehension, embarrassment, anxiety,  love and concern for all who say I can do better but... Once she exposes the secret life, she sets out to change the world by helping other women. Help that includes everything you need to make this change a reality including an organization - Women Of Excellence NWAS, Inc and the tools for enhancing the total woman, beginning in middle school, spiritually, educationally, economically and socially..

It is a must read.


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Women Of Excellence
Women Of Excellence
Women Of Excellence

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